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Search Engine Optimization

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Contextual promotions or Linkbuilding: Not only is this the foundation of SEO, it is also the fundamental framework of how every major search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) determines a website’s value in comparison to its competitors. Without a doubt, Quality, Contextual links are still one of the primary keys to ranking well in any major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  And when it comes to Contextual Promotions, is the Leader.  

 1.1 Guest-Authorship on Key Authority Sites (Enterprise-Level Publicity)

For the Guest-Authorship Service, our team handles a multitude of coordinated tasks into one managed campaign. First, the experts comprehensively research your business, your industry, your customers, and your offers. Next, we systematically reach out and form strategic relationships with key authority publishers and bloggers that are not only respected — but also post regular content related to your specific industry.  Lastly, we write professional stories, news items, etc. that these sites can feature as compelling pieces on their websites. This is NOT “article marketing”. This is enterprise-level publicity.  As Good as Linkbuilding Gets! We only target and approach well-established sites with an existing following of avid readers.  Not only do these types of publications offer tremendous backlink power to your link profile, but in most cases, each unique posting also becomes a long-term traffic source in and of itself!  Keep in mind, it's not uncommon for us to get content posted to MAJOR authority sites.  Some recent examples include,, etc.

Key Options: Multiple distribution levels. Can be re-ordered automatically

Reporting: Every report contains the URL where your content has been published.

1.2 Professional Press Release Accompanied With Enterprise-Level Distribution

This service comprises an enterprise-level press release service, with a high-level of distribution.  In fact, the same level of distribution offered by industry-standard services typically charges much more than we do for the exact same service. Also, our team of highly qualified and skilled America Press Release writers will craft a power press release for you on any subject with the exception of gambling, adult, and prescription drug products.  Moreover, your press release will have about a ~98% chance of being featured in top channels such as Google News, The Press-Enterprise, MorningStar, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, AP-News, and many more!

Key Options: Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: Every order comes with a report containing every site that has immediately published your press release. Note – this will not include the hundreds/thousands of additional sites that will pick up your release via RSS feeds. The best way to determine how many sites have indexed your press release is to search for the title of the PR in quotes, in Google.

 1.3 Featured Publications on Authority Sites (PR5+), With Massive Backlink Reinforcement

With this Service, we methodically build web 2.0 authority properties with 100% unique content.   These are feature-rich properties and are written by 100% American writers.  Upon completion (once published), we heavily reinforce these authority properties with thousands of citations and backlinks using our proprietary SmartMention technology. Current Examples include,,,,,,, and many many more.

Key Options: Build either 5 or 10 PR5+ properties. Tier-2 reinforcement options. Can be re-ordered automatically on autopilot month after month.

Reporting: Every order comes with a report containing the exact URLs of your web 2.0 properties (with login details), as well as the reinforcement layer.

 1.4 Professional Article Writing & Syndication (Quality US Writers, 100% Unique)

First and foremost, your article will be 100% unique and “Copyscape approved”. Our diligent team will thoroughly research your topic to ensure that the article content is both informative and useful to the end reader. Also, we will submit your articles to the top-tier authority portals currently around the web.

Key Options: Multiple distribution levels. Can be re-ordered automatically on autopilot month after month.

Reporting: Every order comes with a report of the portals where we submitted your article, which includes login details. You can expect an acceptance rate of approximately 30%.


Despite Google’s recent curveballs thrown at the SEO industry (Panda, Penguin, and General Link Penalties), there is one strategy that continues to dominate and drive outstanding results.  We call it Tiered Dominance and it works like clockwork.  Also referred to as “Backlink Pyramids”, this powerful strategy combines 100% effective whitehat backlinking with dominating PageRank amplification. To accomplish this Tiered Dominance, we use a series of tiered “buffers” to focus the accumulation of layered Page Rank from literally thousands of backlinks into a smaller subset of legitimate publications on highly authoritative websites – of which the “Juice” gets focused & funneled to your target website.  While very effective and highly targeted, this process in itself is actually a natural occurrence in the overall link-graph.  In summary, we effectively simulate the effect of your site’s content being referenced, cited, and otherwise linked to from hundreds, sometimes thousands of other small sites and social activity all over the web — and we do it very well!

 Tiered Dominance Stage 1: 

This is a powerful link structure, perfect for giving your site a considerable boost and dose of fresh authority links supported by multiple/layered tiers. All Tier-1 properties are created with 100% unique, high-quality content from our US writers are:
  • Tier 1: 5 Web 2.0 authority properties & 5 Manual Social Bookmarks
  • Tier 2: 12-20 Web 2.0 Blogs (PR4+), 100+ Article Submissions, 100-125 Web 2.0 Blogs (PR1+) & 5,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)
  • Tier 3: 10,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)

Key Options: Can add generic anchors on tiers 2 & 3 to naturalize the link profile. Can be re-ordered automatically on autopilot month after month.

Reporting: We send multiple reports to you which detail each layer of linking, including exact URLs where possible. We also include logins/passwords for all Tier 1 properties.


Tiered Dominance Stage 2:

This is our most powerful tiered dominance structure and one of the top ways to inject your site with real, authoritative links embedded within US written content. Also, our team heavily reinforces each layer of links resulting in powerful, rank-boosting effects. The package consists of the following:
  • Tier 1: 10 Web 2.0 Authority Properties, 10 Manual Social Bookmarks & 1 Pro Press Release
  • Tier 2: 12-20 Web 2.0 Blogs (PR4+), 150-200+ Article Submissions, 200-250+ Web 2.0 Blogs (PR1+) & 10,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)
  • Tier 3: 20,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)

Key Options: Can add generic anchors on tiers 2 & 3 to naturalize the link profile. Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: We send multiple reports to you which detail each layer of linking, including exact URL’s where possible. We also include logins/passwords for all Tier 1 properties.


A very effective strategy for amplifying the ranking signals you already have is to heavily reinforce, or promote, your existing tier-1 backlink sources. This is often far more economical than acquiring “high PR” links through traditional methods.

 One-Click Backlink Boosting

Boost any URLs where your existing backlinks are currently placed.  We utilize a proprietary software platform (SmartMention) to build high volumes of powerful social activity across a multitude of thousands of active websites and blogs. In the end, in Google’s eyes, this will increase the overall effectiveness of your links (increasing Link Juice) and will also ensure that most of your links get properly indexed and more frequently spidered.

Key Options: 3 boosting volume options: 10K, 25K and 50K reinforcement links. Can optionally add 200 generic anchors.

Reporting: Included with the order is a detailed report listing all successful SmartMention placements.

Web 2.0 Blogs (PR1+, Variated Content & Massive Reinforcement)

We will take a US written article, variate/spin the article to >= 60%+ uniqueness and then we’ll submit the article to various web 2.0 blogs that are PR1+.  Additionally, when then heavily reinforce the newly published articles to increase overall indexing, spidering, and overall link pass-through effectiveness.

Key Options: Multiple distribution options: 150 or 300 (all PR1+). Tier-2 boosting options. Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: Included with your order is a detailed report which gives you the exact URL’s of your links, as well as the reinforced links.

Social Bookmarks & Social Sharing

 Submit your website to the widely popular social bookmarking sites to include delicious, Digg, etc. while diligently using unique accounts only.  Within a matter of a few short weeks, most of these links will become indexed and will immediately begin to have a positive impact on your overall rankings.

Key Options: Multiple volumes & completion times, unique accounts. Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: We provide you with a list of all the sites we’ve submitted your site to, along with the email account & password for those unique accounts


The success of your website is highly dependent on the quality of its content — both on your actual site (on-site optimization), and its marketing materials spread across the internet (off-site optimization).  This has always been the case and will likely remain the same for the foreseeable future.  Remember, content is king and our All-American team of writers/publishers can produce whatever you need, in any volume.  Moreover, every article is high-quality and 100-unique (fluent English Only).  
Content Size Ranges:
  • Standard Article (350-400 words)
  • Ezine Article (401-500 words)
  • Medium Article (501-600 words)
  • Large Article (601-700 words)
  • Extra Large Article (701-800 words)
  • Jumbo Article (801-900 words)
  • Super Jumbo Article (901-1000 words)

Key Options: Multiple article quantities based on a single set of specifications (from 1-100). Each article can optionally be distributed once completed, to save you time if the distribution was the goal. Both content production orders and associated distribution can be set to re-order automatically on autopilot month after month.

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