Spanish property which are in plenty for sale now, can make your dreams come true (but it can also turn into a nightmare if you are not careful). Buying the wrong property (next to noisy neighbours), a high maintenance building or a property that loses its value and cannot be let out, is the worst case scenario – but one that can be avoided with planning and research.

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thailand property market

Investment Property in Thailand has become increasing popular over the last few years, and as business citizens become more determined to own their own properties, it has made sense to invest further in the property market in Thailand. Probably, when starting out in investment property the most likely thing to do would be to invest in your local area.

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How to buy an investment property with absolutely no money down. More and more investors are choosing to use no money down (NMD) as an option for their buy to let properties. No money down deals are done all the time for property purchases by buy to let investors. Now for the catch, to do a no money down deal the property that you source must be at least 17% below market value or less if possible!

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Once you find the home you want to buy, the next step is to write an offer – which is not as easy as it sounds. Your offer is the first step toward negotiating a sales contract with the seller. Since this is just the beginning of negotiations, you should put yourself in the seller’s shoes and imagine his or her reaction to everything you include. Your goal is to get what you want, and imagining the seller’s reactions will help you attain that goal.

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